Iowa Telsa Guy Accessory Links

Below you will find a list of my favorite Tesla accessories. I personally use all of these in my 2021 LR AWD Model Y. I'm also an app developer for iOS. You can find links to all my apps above.

YouTube Channel

I demonstrate many of the accessories below on my YouTube channel. Please give it a look and thanks for subscribing.

These are great stickers if you want to give your white Tesla seats that Baymax look. Easy to apply. Sticks great. Very inexpensive.

I picked up these jack pads. Comes with a great small case and it fits into the small back lower trunk of my Model Y.

I'm really impressed with this product. In the winter, it's not easy to wash your car when you want to wash it yourself. This no rinse solution works great.

These are great micro fiber towels that work really well with the no rinse wash. Comes with 6 in the pack.

If you need a quick detail spray. This works great on my Tesla.

This tray works really well for your laptop or eating when you are stopped. It has a rubber edge where it connects to the steering wheel and fits great under the seat for storage.

This is a nice solution if you need to do any clay bar work on your paint prior to PPF protection.

This is the microphone I use when creating my videos. It's good quality for a corded solution and it's a good price for getting started. Plugs into an iOS lightning connector.

This trash bag works great. Has a magnetic close and a light. It works best for me behind the passenger front seat. I can reach it easily while driving.

This is an inexpensive tire repair kit that fits well in the small lower trunk in my Model Y. I've already had to use it for a flat. Worked great. Took about 15 minutes. No roadside assistance needed.

This cup holder works great in a 1st gen center console. Really grips onto bottles and fits snug.

This matte screen protector is inexpensive and works well. It does not come with anything to help you align it but if you are looking to save money, this works well.

I'm happy with these pedals. They take a little muscle to get put on but work well.

I really like this. It just slides on. Holds your sunglasses where you can't see them and the phone holder automatically grabs your phone and charges it wirelessly.

Nice little compact air compressor. Fits well in the small lower trunk of my Model Y.

Very happy with this tray. Feels like it was from the factory.

I really like these floor mats. Fit like a glove. Have high sides to keep the world mess from getting on your car.

I picked these up to give more light under my doors. They are significantly brighter than the stock lights. You can also install them under the dash if you want to make the foot lights brighter.

I went on a long road trip and wanted to pick up a powered cooler for the trip since many Superchargers aren't around convenience stores. This one works great!

Was on the fence about wrapping my center console (gen 1) but decided to pick up this hard plastic covers. Super easy to install.