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The ultimate margin and markup analysis calculator.

Are you ready to close the deal? Margin+ is a sales tool for fast margin & markup analysis. A user-friendly sliding interface gives you all the information you need for ligntning fast price and cost analysis, taking you from quote to sale in a few simple steps.
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Completely Redesigned

Make calcuations fast.

Margin+ provides an elegant margin/markup workflow. Use the calculator to quickly set price, cost, margin and profit. Enter in a value for any 2 items and Margin+ will calculate the two.

Support for 150+ world curencies.

Do you need to calcuate your costs in one currecny but price in another? You can easily do this with Margin+ and know that your conversion rates are accurate up to the minute. Margin+ has a built in currency conversion system powered by Jump Gap Software's popular Currency+ app.

Quick price discount analysis.

The second slider lets you quickly adust your price by percent or value to see how your margin will be affected. Use the slider at the bottom and our Smart Snap technology to quickly dial in on the value that you want.

Quick cost variance analysis.

The third slider page lets you see what will happen to your margin and profit if your costs change up or down.

Margin & Markup Options

Use Margin+ to quickly perform margin and markup calculations as well as price and cost variance analysis.

Real-Time Currency Conversion

Integrated, up-to-the-minute currency conversion built right in.

Smart Snap

Let Margin+ determine the best rounded number for you when you adjust your price or cost.

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