Allowance, Chores and Rewards

Put piggy banks and paper money behind you! This is Piggy Bank 2.0! iAllowance is the only thing you need to manage your child's finances, chores and rewards.


Currency Exchange Rates Converter

Whether you're a business or leisure traveler, hopping from country to country is a breeze when you have Currency+ in your hands!

Reading Log+

Reading Log Tracker

Focus on the reading while we worry about the details.

Gravity Ring

Fast, Fun, Addictive Retro Arcade Game

Set in the urban future, you are an up-and-coming free runner that studies the art of Parkour. You were given the Gravity Ring on the death bed of a Parkour Grand Master and told to use it wisely.


Margin & Markup Calculator

Are you ready to close the deal? Margin+ is a fast margin & markup calculator designed to get you to the handshake more quickly.

Sale Saver

Percent Off / Sales Tax Calculator

Sale Saver is the shopper's best friend. No more need to do math in your head. Quickly factor in multiple discounts to see how much you will save.