Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Troubleshooting

If you are having any issues with iAllowance, please review the FAQ below or one of the help videos.


There is a good chance your issue is documented below. Also, feel free to contact so we can help you directly.


Please keep in mind that there is no way we can respond to you by reporting your problem in the App Store.
When I run iAllowance I get a 'Critical Error' message and my data is gone. Please help!

This is a problem that happens most often when syncing between multiple devices and one or more devices are running on older Apple iOS's. Apple made changes in iOS 4.3 that is causing this error to occur. Please follow this link for the instructions you will need to get back up and going.

When I attempt to run iAllowance on my iPad, it crashes on startup as soon as I launch the app. How can I fix this?

The issue you have is because there is an incompatibility with iOS 3.2 on the first generation iPad. You can tell if you have this problem by going to Settings/General/About/Version on your iPad. If you are running iOS 3.2, you are running on a very old version of the OS.


In order to correct your issue, you need to upgrade your iPad to the latest version Apple's iOS by plugging your iPad into your computer, attaching it to iTunes and then going through the upgrade process.


Future versions of iAllowance will limit the app to running on iOS 4.0 or higher devices.

I just downloaded iAllowance and I can't seem to do anything! I'm presented with a empty iAllowance screen and no active buttons. How can I fix this?

This is an issue with the iPad functionality only. In order to setup iAllowance for your family on the iPad, you need to have your iPad in landscape mode. Rotating your iPad to landscape will show you all the controls you need to edit iAllowance.

When I touch the starting balance, I can't edit it. Why?

The starting balance for a bank can't be edited from the main transaction view. You will to go into your child's bank settings and edit the starting bank balance from there. You can get to this value by pressing the blue arrow next to your child.

I can't seem to switch between kids. Every time I press the blue arrow, all I get are the settings.

The blue arrow is to allow you to get to the child's configuration. To select a child, touch the picture of your child or the chalkboard. When selected, your child's name will appear white in color and your child's name will show up at the top of the app on the right side.

When I attempt to run iAllowance on my iPad, it pauses on the startup screen for a very long time and then it goes back to the home screen. How can I fix this?

This problem is isolated to the iPad 1 and does not happen every time. Please make sure that you have a good internet connection before launching iAllowance. Also, it does not seem to happen all the time. If it happens, relaunch iAllowance and most likely it will start.


Finally, if your problem persists, please try shutting down other background applications or rebooting the device.


The next version of iAllowance has many system startup/memory management improvements that will eliminate this problem. This update will be released in July.

I have forgotten the password I picked for my child lockout or parental controls.

The master reset passcode for parental controls and child lockouts is the following:




Once the reset code is used, the parental controls will be disabled and will need to be turned on manually by you.

I'm using iAllowance to track my kid's chores. I'm not using it to track finances. However, when I check off the chore, the total does not accumulate.

The reason this is happening is that you don't have one or more banks setup. iAllowance follows the same model as a physical piggy bank. As you check off chores the money and stars need to be stored somewhere. Without a bank, they have no place to go.


The solution to this is to go into your child's configuration and create a bank. Once created, go into your chore and assign the chore to pay out to that bank by setting a bank in the 'Spread Across These Banks' section in the chore setup.


iAllowance is transaction based. This will allow you to change the value of the chore over time without affecting past transactions. For the same reason, it will not go back and update you previously checked chores. If you want these past chores to pay, simply uncheck and recheck the chore.

My allowances don't pay on the right day of the week.
In previous versions of iAllowance there was a timezone bug that would cause the allowance to get off track by one or more days. This bug has been fixed and your allowance should be paying out by the defined interval but the day you wanted it to pay may be off.


To fix this, change the start date to the next day you want to allowance to pay. From this point forward, your allowance will pay on the correct day.

When iAllowance tries to sync, I get a strange Dropbox error message.

There are two possible reasons why you might get an error message from Dropbox during sync.


1.You are not connected to the Internet. You need a valid Internet connection to sync.
2.Your iAllowance data has not yet been initially backed up. Go to settings from within iAllowance and press the Backup Database button found in the Dropbox section. This will force your data to backup to Dropbox. You will get a positive confirmation when this is done.
3.Once the two items above are resolved, syncing should occur normally.

When I try to add a photo to a child, the app crashes. What is happening?

This problem has been reported but is not widespread. This can happen if you try to select a photo from your photo library that is very large. If you experience this problem, try resizing the image before you select it in iAllowance.

You can resize the image on your computer or you can do it from your iPad/iPhone. Here are the steps you need to follow from your iDevice.


1.Go into the Photos app and find the photo you want to use.
2.Press the action button and select Email Photo. This will attach your photo to an email.
3.Send the email to yourself. After you hit the send button, you will be asked to resize the image. Pick the medium option.
4.Go to your email and open the message you just sent. You should see your photo.
5.Hold your finger on the image. You should be prompted to save the image. Do this.
6.Next, open iAllowance and go to select a photo for your child. When the photo picker comes up, go into your Camera Roll. At the bottom of your camera roll should be the photo you just saved.
7.iAllowance should accept the image at this point.

I made a mistake and deleted something I shouldn't have. Can I get my data back?

Generally, the answer is yes. You have a couple of options. The first place you should start is by going to your iAllowance settings and then select Restore Local Backup in the Local Backups section. iAllowance will save the last 20 sessions. Each backup will be labeled with a date and time. Find a past version before you made the mistake and select it. This will restore your iAllowance data back to that point in time.


The second option you have is if you are using the Dropbox sync. Dropbox keeps the last 10 versions of the file. If you log into your Dropbox account from a web browser you should see a folder called iAllowance Backup. Inside this folder will be a file called Allowance.sqlite. This is your iAllowance data file. Select this file and you will be presented with a blue arrow on the right side of the screen. Click this arrow and you will see that you have the option of restoring previous versions of the file.


After you have restored the previous version in Dropbox, perform a 'Restore Database' from the iAllowance settings to retrieve your backed up data.