Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - How To Tips

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How do I change the sort order for the chores?

If you go into where you setup the chores (inside the child settings) you will see grab handles next to each of the chores. Use your finger to drag the order of the chores around to the order you need. This order will be reflected on the chore listing.


You can do the same thing for banks and rewards as well.

Can I backup 2 different devices to Dropbox while keeping the data separate?

Yes, but not to the same Dropbox account. iAllowance will sync a number of devices to a single Dropbox account but they must all share the same data. If you want to manage multiple iAllowance databases, you will need to have a separate Dropbox account for each one.

Is it possible to setup a chore to take out money as a punishment?

Yes. Just create a 'chore' and when you setup the amount in the banks, just select withdrawal instead of deposit.

How to I take away a check mark for a chore?

For any chore (multi-day or single) you can remove a chore by holding your finger on the chore for about a second. If the chore is setup to allow it to be done multiple times per day, holding your finger on the chore will step the completed count down by one.


You can use this technique to lock out a chore as well. If you hold your finger on an empty chore you can lock out the chore. It will display as a red X.

Is it possible to create an ad-hoc transaction where I can split the transaction out like I can with chores or allowances?

Yes. If you press the Add Transaction button '+' from the Bank Totals screen you will be able to spread the single transaction across one or more banks.

Why do some of the chores show up as yellow in color and some are green?
The color of the chore check mark is important. If you don't have parental controls turned on, all of the check marks will be green. A green check mark indicates that the chore is completed and a transaction as been entered for that chore.


However, you may want to get your kids involved in checking off chores but you might want to approve the chores before the transaction is processed. To enable this feature you will need to turn on Parental Controls. (There is a help video on this.)


Once enabled and you are not logged in, any chore checked with show a yellow check mark. This is just a place holder. As a parent you will need to log in and press the yellow check mark again. From here you will be asked if the chore was completed or not. If yes, the check will go green and the transaction will process. If no, then the check will go away.